Pampered Pixies parties are a glittery way to celebrate your little girls special occasions with a group of her besties!

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Just you tell us what little girl between the ages of 3 and 8, doesn’t enjoy getting stuck into your make-up bag, painting her nails, dreaming of being a glittery pixie princess and being throughly pampered?

So we have got the vision of your Pampered Pixie being the centre of attention in her very own home, with her very own make-up artist, with a group of her girlfriends, having their glitter make-up dreams fulfilled, getting glitter tattoos, sparkly hair and nails, their favourite tunes playing, dancing in amongst the bubbles with the disco ball in full swing!

Moving on up the age ladder to your Pampered Teen, a smaller group of her BFF’s, aged between 8-13, enjoying a home spa experience, with their very own make-up artist guiding them to learn their own beauty regime and appropriate use of make up, wise choices for nutrition and body health. We will make it informative and fun whilst they are supping on mocktails, We believe this will be better received from the make-up artist than Mum!

Pampered Pixies - 3-8 year olds
 2 hour party

8 Pixies included in package price

• Glitter make-up
• Glitter tatoos
• Sparkly hairspray
• Glitter nails
• Party bag per child to include pretty tiara along with other pixie gifts.

Let the party grow, additional cost for additional pixies.

Pampered Teens - 8-13 year olds
2 hour party

5 Pixies included in package price

• Cleanse & tone
• Face masks with cucumber eyes
• Application of appropriate make-up for age
• Classic mocktails
• Nail varnish
• Informative & fun opportunity to for your Teens to quizz an expert on all their beauty questions. **

** Parents - this is a great opportunity to cover any health, beauty & nutrition issues you would like your Pampered Teen to understand, without it coming from mum or dad!

Pony Party - The cutest shetland pony in the world

Shetland pony in addition to either package above can come too!

• For the Pampered Pixies an opportunity to sit on, pet, stroke, cuddle, paint!
• For the Pampered Teens, an opportunity to be photographed with and cuddle!